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POM-BOM™ Pomegranate Hot Sauce


We have a confession to make. When we say that POM-BOM™ Pomegranate Hot Sauce is infused with pomegranate, well that is not entirely true. With most hot sauces, the first ingredient is either water or vinegar then later down the list the other flavors comes into play. When we were formulating the perfect hot sauce for Movida, we put flavor first. Our number one ingredient is 100% pure, locally produced pomegranate juice. So as you can see, we are so much more than infused with pomegranate, it is our very essence.

This fundamental difference in our hot sauce approach is what gives POM-BOM™ its rich and unparalleled complex flavor. Paired with just the right amount of heat, POM-BOM™ Pomegranate Hot Sauce enhances the foods you use it with rather than overpowering them. 

Tried it and fell in love?  Now you can order a bottle of POM-BOM™ to go.

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